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Thread: Plastic cup manufacturing GIF

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    Plastic cup manufacturing GIF

    Plastic cup manufacturing GIF.


    This is the TQC-650, from Litai Machinery. The YouTube comments on this video are telling; it's a mix of Westerners denouncing the evils of plastic, and people from manufacturing nations eagerly asking how they can buy this machine, no doubt to manufacture cups for use by those same commenters. I believe this is in Libya, a frequent top-10 contender among the lists of most corrupt countries. Interestingly, the rows of cups are just packed into bags and boxes by hand.

    The brush system reminds of a GIF we've previously looked at, in which brushes were used to form the rolled-down tops of balloons: Balloon manufacturing GIF. In this case, the machine is just spitting out cups, and the brush is used to align the cups into rows for uniform packing.

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