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Thread: Poor mans digital height gage/scribe

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    Poor mans digital height gage/scribe

    A simple height gage made from a Harbor Freight caliper.
    Poor mans digital height gage/scribe-20170303_091117.jpg

    The base was cut from some 1" aluminum stock I had on hand the shoe/scriber from an old carbide saw blade and I soldered together a clamp from some brass sheet.
    Poor mans digital height gage/scribe-20170303_091609.jpg

    The unwanted bits of the calipers were cut away and the whole thing held in the base with a setscrew running along the slot.
    Some things I would do different now that I've used it a while, 1: make the base out of some thinner cast iron this is because 2: the scriber needs to be shorter, it gets some flex sideways at that length!
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