Primitive Technology is a good YouTube channel. It's run by an Australian man named John Plant, who essentially recreates primitive technology using rocks/sticks/mud, etc. - stuff you find in the woods. I get the authenticity (the shirt had not yet been created during the demonstrated period of technology), but, like MANY other people, I am forced to wonder why he doesn't just "invent" a shirt. You see this same sentiment echoed in his YouTube video comments.

My son saw me watching one of his videos the other day, and came over to take a look. His first comment: "Daddy, why isn't that man wearing a shirt?"

An example Primitive Technology video:

Anyway, it looks like a formal sendup of this conundrum has been published today by web comedian Gus Johnson. Just when you can no longer stand the sight of a grown man cavorting about in his underwear, the 82-second video ends well: