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Thread: Quick angle fixturing

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    Quick angle fixturing

    Had 20 bellcrank tabs to prep for welding. Cut off via horizontal bandsaw and stop, setup drill and ream operation again in drill press after centerdrilling 1st one in mill.
    Drawing calls for hand ground 1/4" radius on far corners, partially ergonomic, partially cosmetic.
    Holding 20 stainless tabs at 6" x 60" belt sander forty times isn't my idea of a party, instead milled 1/4" x 45°. On non-mechanical features, I'll take liberties that achieve equal results.
    Natch, didn't relish loading and flipping 20 tabs forty times either......Helloooo, aluminum angle 1.5 x 1.5 and bridge over gap in vise bed is perfect. 2" is better, didn't have any. There is some heavy steel angle waiting to be modded for next time, larger to eliminate bridge altogether.
    Quick angle fixturing-angle-setup.jpg Quick angle fixturing-angle-result.jpg
    Angle Setup.................................Angle Results
    Inclination tells us rod of equal diameter to hole will locate part height in vise. A smaller rod is better; they find their own centerline, keystock better yet with 2 lines of contact. Either way, clamping is more secure being deeper in the jaws. A full size rod will square the parts, small stock is easily shifted into square. Just pushed everything into contact, closed vise, a few turns of Y handle and done!
    Like a tailor in the 7 with One Blow fable, a nifty little shortcut.
    Here's a quick bit of Walt Disney, themed appropriately...
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    I like using this technique. In the UK we call this gang milling. The use of the angle is a good tip as you can cut to suit material length rather then trying to pack out with an additional piece of material. So when cutting 45 degree cuts on several parts will use this tip. Thank you

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