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Thread: Quick and simple line boring bar

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    You guys have given me the bug!!!! I almost went charging 3 1/2 hrs to western mass. For a Logan lathe. Learned just in time that a 210 model is not 12x42 as posted but 10x24. Still a good deal it seems at 600.00 but have heard of issues with the head stock bearings on the 10 inch logans. Still looking with impatience. Will have to evict the dust collector out of the shop to make room, but it should be happy under the stairway with a little more shelter provided. Thanks to all for taking the time to post and beeing generous with your knolege.
    Thanks Frank S

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    bimmer1980's Tools
    I've seen some line boring jigs that they just temporarily weld onto the item to be line bored..... Using your lathe as a power source and a way to jig everything up to make controlled cuts is a slick idea!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

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