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Thread: Railroad track bicycle - photo

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    In an ongoing effort to elevate bicyclists to demi-god status the California driver handbook

    on page 60 states...

    Bicyclists have the right to operate on the road and may:

    • Lawfully be permitted to ride on certain sections of freeways where there is no alternate route and bicycling is not forbidden by a sign.

    In Sacramento there's already a bill in committee to allow bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs. What's next? Perhaps making it legal for bicyclists to drift behind eighteen wheelers?

    California already has a law that motorists must allow three feet separation when passing bikers on the left. I must presume that, when more bikers appear on the railroad tracks, that law will be extended to trains.
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    What's interesting is that bicyclists are heralded as being ecologically superior to motorists. AFAIK, four people riding in a modern sedan consume less energy to travel a mile than four people riding bicycles. It's admittedly a multi-faceted argument, but the inherent eco-superiority of the bicyclist is probably misplaced.

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    OVer in France there's a "Velo Rail" where you can ride pedal-powered carts up and down the track.

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