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Thread: Re-Purposing a Headboard

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    Re-Purposing a Headboard

    My desk is no longer used for typical office work, but is now a craft bench. The problem is no storage space to put tools, paints, materials, and other supplies. This results in a total mess when multiple projects are in various stages.

    I planned on building something to remedy the situation. I mentioned this to my wife Susan, and she suggested I re-purpose an old headboard we had in storage but really had no use for. I had completely forgotten about the headboard, but it made perfect sense.

    The headboard was designed and fabricated by me over 30 years ago. It was designed for a single bed, and features a combination of small drawers and shelf space, along with a few "cubbies." This headboard served the purpose well, way back when. For the past few years though, there has been no need for it, and it has been just taking up valuable space, collecting dust.

    In this video, you'll see how the headboard was transformed into a unit that sits on the desk, and makes a perfect place for all the items I use in craft projects. The desk now displays a bit of order, and allows more space to work in.

    The wood that I trimmed off of the headboard in order to make the transformation is perfectly good, and will be reused at some point in another project. Our "Mantra" here at Downeast Thunder Farm is: "Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-cycle." My personal favorite quote is: "Waste not, want not."

    What do you have kicking around your home, not being used, and just taking up space - collecting dust? How could it be reused or re-purposed? Maybe it can be recycled?

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    Good idea!

    Post your reply!
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