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Thread: Rear Splash Guard for Myford Lathe

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    Rear Splash Guard for Myford Lathe

    Although this splash guard was made for my Myford ML7R long bed lathe, the design could probably be adapted for many other lathes. The splash guard consists of a welded frame (25x25 mm square tubing) and a surplus back plate from a set of steel shelves (Photo 1 and Fig 1). The plate is affixed to the frame with pop rivets. The splash guard is 550 mm high and 912 mm wide.
    I had a few basic requirements:

    1. The guard had to include storage space for often used tools (Photo 1). I keep the tools, grouped together by use (e.g. chuck keys), in margarine tubs placed on the shelf. This way I do not have to rummage around on the shelf for tools while stretching over a running late, but rather remove the whole tub when selecting tools.
    2. The motor had to be protected from swarf, but still be easily accessible for maintenance. The frame was drilled and tapped and the motor splash guard was fixed to the main splash guard with hex socket bolts to allow easy removal (Photo 3).
    3. I wanted a sturdy splash guard and did not want to increase noise levels through lathe vibrations transmitted to the splash guard. The frame of the guard is therefore bolted to the wall (Photos 2 and 4) and is not in contact with the lathe or its drip tray. The bottom of the guard overhangs the drip tray, to catch drips of splashed fluids (Fig 1 and Photo 5).
    Rear Splash Guard for Myford Lathe-sp1.jpg Rear Splash Guard for Myford Lathe-sp2.jpg Rear Splash Guard for Myford Lathe-sp3.jpg Rear Splash Guard for Myford Lathe-sp4-fig-1.jpg Rear Splash Guard for Myford Lathe-sp4.jpgRear Splash Guard for Myford Lathe-sp5.jpg
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    Very nice back splash.

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    Very Well-done!

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    Thanks natie123! We've added your Lathe Splash Guard to our Lathe Accessories category,
    as well as to your builder page: natie123's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    This is something I need to do for my mini lathe.

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    Nice Job, well done

    Comments are always welcome

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    Myfords have a nice design, and the Continent is awash in them. I haven't seen one in person, but so popular I had to look into them. Lathes + Machine Tool Archive
    Lathes shed chips worse than my dogs fur, and he'd not appreciate a tray hanging from him...But your back splash has elements of a winner, including removable.

    I found great displeasure in running a Chinese import a few months. I know a ton of readers have them, they do fill a need, and it wasn't bad in the accuracy department, but the ergonomics blow giant you-know-what.
    And the single worst features were such poor adaptations to run flood coolant. Of ALL those, biggest irritation; front of carriage virtually plumb over front of lower splash tray. We built food-handling machines, lots [90%] of stainless steel, so not much choice.
    First day, told them clock me out while I make a splash deflector or I quit with demand of full 8 hours wage. They did neither, just said remedy it, still took most of remaining hours.
    Now, focusing on the front: imagine an auto rear deck spoiler, with 3 obtuse "L's", angled to match lathe tray and my deflector. Hemmed upper edge inboard, bent that portion to be not quite vertical in mounted position. The "L's" held it with gravity, easily removed to clean chip tray.
    Many other issues got attention too, but finally did not have more coolant on floor or me than the parts.

    But if anyone cares for a laundry'd think for $17,000 would have decent operator considerations.
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Great design, I have to build one and take down my Redneck blue tarp tacked to the wall.

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