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    Reciprocating spader attachment - GIF and video

    Reciprocating spader attachment. Traditionally used to break up a layer of hardpan, but also useful for making your dog jealous, or to spank six misbehaving toddlers at once.

    Very similar to a previously-posted reciprocating turf aerator.


    Unique manual shovel/tiller - GIF
    Turf aerator GIF

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    Reciprocating spader attachment.
    Traditionally used to break up a layer of hardpan.
    Not my hardpan please, still learning to powerslide on 2 wheels.

    Also useful for making your dog jealous
    Or to spank six misbehaving toddlers at once.

    Or at about 18 seconds in, replacing 3 Arthur Murray Studios...
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Could have used one of them back in the 60's
    When I was a teenager my Uncle and grand pa leased a large plot of land then decided to drill in few hundred acres of Alfalfa they put a 16 ft wide double row disk behind their big old Moline tractor with a grain drill behind that then quickly discovered that the ground was so hard the disk just barely scratched off the old vegetation.not deep enough for the drill to plant. So out comes the 8620 John Deer with 10 16 inch sweeps on the tool bar and a little over 2000 lbs on top of the bar. No problem with power but as soon as the sweeps buried in they started breaking the flights off So to the Blacksmith shop they came to get Clarence and I to forge 32 3" wide chisels out of old truck springs . Those broke up the soil. They didn't want to turn the soil just break it up so they could drill but wound up having to chisel then cross disk then drill. so much for trying to no till drill virgin land.

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