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Thread: Repairing clearcoat damage on my C43 AMG trunk lid with aerosol cans.

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    Repairing clearcoat damage on my C43 AMG trunk lid with aerosol cans.

    I had some bad damage on my C43 deck lid and hood, will get around to painting the hood in the future, but thought would share my experience painting with aerosol cans. At first, I thought that I could just sand off the old clearcoat and then re clear it, but I found out soon that as soon as I sanded through the old clear coat that I sanded through the black and into the primer, so, that idea went down the tubes. So, as you can see in the examples that I had to sand all of the old clear off and start over. I primed and sanded with 800 and used the Color match paint from Auto-Zone. I used the two part clear in a can, called Max 2k. Funny thing happened. When I sprayed the black, then waited 30 minutes to clear it, the clear had white streaks in it and thought that I had ruined my paint job. I remember, in the past, if it is too humid, that white streaks would show up, and they did, so I rushed off in a huff, mad as hell and took the other unused can back to the store and got my money back on that can, telling the owner that this stuff had ruined my paint job. Well when I returned, the white streaks had disappeared and the job was beautiful, so I called him and told him what had occured and he just laughed. Well tomorrow, or the next day, I will color sand with 2000 sandpaper and then buff it out, should look pretty good. So that it my experience with painting with aerosol cans. Next, I will paint the hood, because the damage is the same, the clear coat is shot. Bob.

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