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Thread: Rifle muzzle shockwave deflecting rain - GIF

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    Countless rounds of ammunition have been fired in every conceivable weather. Most nimrods are too hungry, or mentally challenged spending time to observe, and miss all kinds of interactions.
    One day a hunter and his brother were duck hunting. The first man noticed depression muzzle blast made in snow banks. He went home and did some prototyping, harnessing that newly observed energy. It's first commercial utilization was the Auto 5 shotgun. Mr. W. W. Winchester didn't see significant merit in the design, yet well over a million have been made. . .
    The hunters name? Browning, John M.

    I Am Your Gun
    Ian Anderson

    Blew my smoke on a sunny day,
    When the first black powder came my way.
    Hot lead ball from a muzzle cold
    To win fair lady and take your gold.
    I know it hardly seems the time (I am your gun)
    To talk of blue steel so sublime. (I am your gun)
    I can understand your point of view. (I am your gun)
    To tell the truth I'd scare me too.
    Match, wheel and flintlock, they all caught your eye.
    Pearl-handled ladies' models, scaled down to size.
    I am the peacemaker, so the theory goes.
    But I don't choose the company I keep and it shows.
    I am your gun.
    Love me, I'm your gun.
    Maxim and Browning, they helped me along.
    Stoner, Kalashnikov thrilled to my song.
    Now one of me exists, for each one of you,
    So how can you blame me for the things that I do?
    Now I take second place to the motor car(I am your gun)
    In the score of killing kept thus far. (I am your gun)
    And just remember, if you don't mind (I am your gun)
    It's not the gun that kills but the man behind.
    I am your gun.
    I am your gun.
    I am your gun.
    I am your gun.

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