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Thread: Ring, tube and pipe roller

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    Ring, tube and pipe roller

    I've been working my tail off on this latest project and it's finally time to unveil it! What we have here is a multi purpose ring, tube and pipe roller.

    Designed from other rollers I've seen on the net with a few of my own touches added. You can roll flat material on the inside up to 6 inches in width! I will be making slip collars that can go on these rollers for working with square and round tube/solids. Pipe and tube dies can also be added as I need/make them and can be made up to 4 inches in diameter. It features a 4 ton jack for downward pressure, needle bearings at both ends of the shafts and I drilled and added zerk grease fittings for maintenance purposes. I also milled a square end on both sides of the upper shaft where a wheel will be installed. (use it on either side) I will be making a 20 inch wheel with this tool soon. (and other improvements as I see the need)

    In addition, I created extended shafts on the back side. This is to accommodate roller dies that I will be making for lighter materials. I'm thinking of making dies that have about 4 grooves each so they will work with 4 different sized round materials like 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 would be a good start.

    P.S. The brushed aluminum flame graphics were added for show and offer no improvement in performance. Paint is a dark blue metallic by Rustoleum with their hammered gray for the accent pieces. All hardware is grade 8.

    Ring, tube and pipe roller-dscn2519_renamed_10979.jpgRing, tube and pipe roller-dscn2529.jpgRing, tube and pipe roller-dscn2528.jpgRing, tube and pipe roller-dscn2527.jpgRing, tube and pipe roller-dscn2526.jpgRing, tube and pipe roller-dscn2525.jpgRing, tube and pipe roller-dscn2524.jpgRing, tube and pipe roller-dscn2523.jpgRing, tube and pipe roller-dscn2520_renamed_8843.jpgRing, tube and pipe roller-dscn2530.jpg

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