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Thread: Robot operating a CNC machine - GIF

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    bimmer1980 (09-28-2018)

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    Who tightens the chuck?

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    I thought it was bad when machinist were replaced with operators now even they are being replaced.
    Let me know when they find replacements for CFO's and CEO's
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    PJs (09-27-2018)

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    This is more and more prevalent at Trade Shows now. It seems the new worker (real people) are either sales people, code jockey's or assemblers or worse...politicians and CEO's. A lot of coding goes into all that...but with 7nm AI systems even that can be relegated, but durst we fergit about the IOT of it all.

    Are those Actual Reality glasses still available? Perhaps we can set up viewing stations and docents and be the reverse of what Karnak is today, looking in at the modern world through Actual Reality glasses.

    Could be a Phillip K. Dick story...

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