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Thread: Rolligon trucks - GIF, video, patent, photo

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    Rolligon trucks - GIF, video, patent, photo

    Invented by William Albee, who got his inspiration for the idea during an Alaskan fishing trip in 1950. Albee saw some natives move a boat up a bank by rolling it on several inflated airtight seal skins.

    Apparently it also doubles as a back massager:

    US Army Rolligon trial run stock footage. 54-second video:

    I believe this is the correct patent. Apparently Albee had some trouble marketing the concept, and sold it to John Holland:

    The Rolligons are still in use today, in oil mining operations in Prudhoe Bay in northern Alaska:


    Airtight seal skins inspire rolligons - August 12, 2007 - Petroleum News

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    Arctic convoy to the DEW Line with giant Mack trucks
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    autobiography of a Jeep

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