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Thread: Roof machine - GIF

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    That's a neat and fast way to staple down the lathing strips for a tile roof Uses the previous strip as the spacing guide
    The steel roof on my house is on lathing strips but who ever laid it used staples or nails to hold the lathing down then screws to hold the sheet metal. thee 80+ MPH winds we had last spring pulled about half the strips up the whole roof was jumping up and down but stayed on the house. So after the storms I went up there and unscrew several sheets then used 4 inch #10 deck screws to secure the lathing then used 4 inch roofing screws to re secure the sheet metal that way the metal was screwed all the way through to the decking and in some places all the way into the trusses Hopefully if we get winds like that again my roof will survive.
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    Frank S, your not the only one. A house trailer near by had 1/2 of its roof come off in one chunk, laid out nice as could be along the trailer. Upside down though. That must have been one heck of a call back for the contractor. Must have had to flip it over to disassemble it as the materials were good enough to reuse. Hope I never get a call back like that!

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