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Thread: Rotary table/Deving head

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    Rotary table/Deving head

    I have designed and built this useful rotary table/dividing head that is very simple to use. No sector arm or plates to worry about. It uses a 30 to 1 worm gear ratio. It also uses a disc with 100 divisions for counter. I use one with a turn counter but a plain disc works just a well. You divide the number of divisions into 30 with a calculator. Set your dial at 0. If your answer was 2.1 you would turn your dial 2 revolution and the continue to stop at 10. For the second division add 2.1 to the first which would be 4.2 turn your dial another 2 turns and stop at 40 etc.
    I made a pattern of the block and had it cast at a small foundry.

    Rotary table/Deving head-1lock.jpg Rotary table/Deving head-2rotr.jpg

    Rotary table/Deving head-3parts.jpg Rotary table/Deving head-17worm-side.jpg

    Photos showing the parts and the worm side of the fixture have been added.
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