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Thread: Rough terain welder cart

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    Rough terain welder cart

    The title means just what it says
    my little Miller 210 mig welder has been suffering from a gravel floor for far too long
    very difficult to move around on the factory wheel kit
    So I dug a few items out of my classed for reuse pile of scrap and made a cart that can be moved around very easy.

    I started out with the front frame of a Toro walk behind mower

    Rough terain welder cart-dscf6390c.jpg
    First up modify the frame work
    Rough terain welder cart-dscf6391c.jpg
    Next cut the hubs out of the rear tires
    Rough terain welder cart-dscf6393c.jpg
    then lengthen the forks for larger tires
    Rough terain welder cart-dscf6394c.jpg
    he modified assembled cart frame
    Rough terain welder cart-dscf6395c.jpg
    I managed to make 2 hubs out of 1 so this gave me 4 hubs
    2 of these will be used on my torch cart later this week
    here I have just welded the hub into the center of a doughnut spare tire these can be bought for next to nothing but I had 2 the same size just laying around
    Rough terain welder cart-dscf6395cc.jpg
    the finished cart may never win any beauty contests but it is very functional
    Rough terain welder cart-dscf6396c.jpg
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    Thanks Frank S! I've added your Rough Terrain Welding Cart to our Welding Carts category, as well as to your builder page: Frank S' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I think it's cool , beauty is function.

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    One thing is for sure it rolls easy.
    Later I plan on adding a shelf on the back with some bottle supports to add one of my cutting rigs to it this way I will have both welder and torch at hand at all times. I have 2 or 3 sets of bottles gauges hoses and torches that I am not using just now anyway
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    Great build. Similar concept (though slightly more complex) as some of the "off road" floor jacks we've seen, like this one by am4x4 on


    I'll bet she rolls like a champ. There are fewer things more frustrating than being a grown man, and forced to drag a wheeled cart over a rough surface. It makes you feel like a caveman who hasn't quite finished inventing the wheel.

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