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Thread: RR Anvil

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    If you send me his address and or phone number I'd try to buy it even pay someone to ship it to me LOL Heck I would go so far as to make him a replica out of thin sheet metal to replace it
    I made one out of wood once for a mock display that looked so real people would hit it with a faux hammer laying beside it
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
    When I have to paint I use

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    beautiful job, I noticed you put the hardy/pritchel holes on the pointed end instead of the reverse (as most mfg.) do .Any particular reason or, just
    your preference? AL

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    please void my poor observation. I was looking at the photo again & my error. sorry AL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos B View Post
    As mentioned in another RR anvil thread, a few years ago while filling in a old homestead basement dugout I found a 7 1/2' piece of rail, I had thought of making an RR anvil so this was perfect. After collecting more rust for a couple years I finally utilized a 1.5' to build a double horn anvil for light work. The first picture is were I started.

    Attachment 18516

    In this picture I have done a rough mark-up for a guide and I made up a face of 1" thick tool steel to add weight and size to the working face.

    Attachment 18517

    Here I faced off the top surfaces on my mill/drill.

    Attachment 18518

    The anvil roughed out.

    Attachment 18519

    Here the horns have been refined, ready to heat treat the face and weld it up.

    Attachment 18520

    All welded up, the welds cleaned up, finished refining the shape and wire brushed the rust, ready for paint

    Attachment 18521

    All finished, the paint is two coats of high heat Tremclad flat enamel. Here are the finished pictures.

    Attachment 18522

    Attachment 18523

    Attachment 18524

    Attachment 18525

    Attachment 18526

    The anvil has a nice clear ring to it. Should do me well for the light work I intend to do on it. There are more pictures and full build documentation on my site at the address in my signature.
    Nice. I would like to build one but I need a little bigger one. I may try and cast one in sand

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