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Thread: Scissor manufacturing video and GIF

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    Scissor manufacturing video and GIF

    A scissor manufacturing video that's nice enough to qualify as a short film. From Sheffield, England, which was famous for steel production in the 1800s. This one is from Ernest Wright & Son, which has been manufacturing scissors since 1902. 4:40 video and GIF below.

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    Well done video and loved the Putter definitions. Great to see his face at the end and the skill he has to dial each one in by hand like that. Also thought the "Black Dog" music was outstanding for the content. Thanks very much Jon...craftsmanship at it's best imho.
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    Yes, "putter", short for "putter togetherer" is much more concise and understandable than what his job title would be in our world of over-inflated, politically correct, artificial ego-boosting job titles. I can hear it now...

    Final Assembly and Quality Assurance Inspection Engineer Person

    In a world where a bartender is a Beverage Dissemination Officer, the attempt to make sad little jobs seem more important can reach really hilarious heights...

    The 21 most hilarious job titles ever. The last one is totally hysterical... LOL!

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