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Thread: Sensitive Drill Press

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    Thanks rossbotics! We've added your Sensitive Drill Press to our Drilling and Drill Presses category,
    as well as to your builder page: rossbotics's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I like the design and workmanship. It is a great inspiration for making one. I like the table hole going all the way through for drilling into longer rods.

    I have wanted this type of sensitive table lift drill press after seeing an ad for a Dumore Sensitive Drill Press but could never afford the high price tag. Your video proves there are alternatives. I hope you will be selling your plans at HMT.

    Thank you for all the details.


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    Thanks Paul
    I always wanted one of these too, but like you say the price tag was way out there for no more than I would use it, I will use it don't get me wrong but I would never buy one at there price tags, so I came up with this instead.
    I am going over the blue prints to make sure things are in order, as you know things change as you build, I'll be sending the prints to Jon in a few days and he'll post them in Plans for sale

    Comments are always welcome

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    Tool Plans for Sale by rossbotics

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    Its a KEEPER...... :o)

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    Congratulations rossbotics - your Sensitive Drill Press is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    Some nice picks from this week: a Lathe Bed Protector by th62, a Belt Sander Attachment by garycullen, an Angle Grinder Scoring Jig by ruxu, a Multifunction Workstation by Eloy Workshop, a Fly Cutter by mklotz, a Lathe Dog by LMMasterMariner, a Vacuum Hold Down Fixture by machiningfool, a Large Fly Cutter by xynudu, and a Jigsaw Cutting Jig by nad1.

    rossbotics - this is your 20th Homemade Tool of the Week win. Five more and you'll be the first winner of our 25-Time Homemade Tool of the Week award.

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