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Thread: Shear tools for lathe work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyfoale View Post
    I didn't invent the name, that is in common use for this type of tool.
    The action is far from burnishing, it is a true cutting action, as I am sure that anyone who has used one would testify to.
    OK, Thanks Tony. I've never seen one before, so you taught me something new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olderdan View Post
    For some years now I have been running my SB lathe with an inside out poly v belt which is super smooth and quite cheap to buy. I have tried scarfed leather and flat grinding belts but this is the best.
    I like flat belt drive as it is quiet and has saved a few tool breakages (works like a fuse).
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    I use poly V belts wherever I can now, so far inside in though. They flex almost as well as a flat belt, and so can be used with small pulleys, they can deliver high torque without much slipping. Like flat belts they run smooth with little vibration. With small pulleys and the light weight of the belt they don't centrifuge off the pulleys much and so maintain their torque capability up to high speed. The pulleys are easy to make in a lathe, especially if you have a DRO.

    The largest one that I use is on a valve train test rig which I have spinning for long time periods at up to 12,000 rpm with about a 30 mm driven pulley, the driver pulley is around 140 mm. as seen in following pix.

    Shear tools for lathe work.-spintron-03.jpg Shear tools for lathe work.-spintron-04.jpg Shear tools for lathe work.-spintron-05.jpg Click thumb nails.

    I used a much smaller one on my 5 hp. 6000 rpm Bridgeport as featured previously at How to make a 6000rpm Bridgeport.

    Also on my multipurpose grinding head at DIY surface grinder

    Shear tools for lathe work.-pulleys.jpg Shear tools for lathe work.-tp-grinder-14.jpg

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