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Thread: Sheetmetal Press Tool

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    Sheetmetal Press Tool

    I made this tool originally to press 1mm sheet steel into a U shape for making corner gussets in a tube frame chassis.Sheetmetal Press Tool-pt1.jpgSheetmetal Press Tool-pt2.jpg
    I made it to mount in my small hydraulic shop press. After making some gussets I thought of an additional use for the tool, making brackets that clamp to chassis rails. All that was required was to make a plate which can be removed when in 'gusset mode'.Sheetmetal Press Tool-pt3.jpg The ends of the plate has grub screws which locate in the centre drilled ends of the die. This is the resulting bracket.Sheetmetal Press Tool-pt4.jpgSheetmetal Press Tool-pt5.jpg.
    One tip to remember is to allow clearance for your sheet metal when you are making your male & female dies.
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    Thanks Astro! We've added your Sheetmetal Press Tool to our Brakes and Presses category, as well as to your builder page: Astro's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Wow, what a great tool. Thanks for posting. Now I need to go to my garage and make one up.

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