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Thread: Shop-built 20” disc sander

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    Shop-built 20” disc sander

    I built this from a Craftsman table saw by using its cast iron top and trunnions. The top was modified and patched. The disc and hub are replacement parts from a replacement parts supplier. Pulleys and blocks are internet sourced. The blue tube is the exhaust manifold and is connected to a 6” line from my DC. There’s a direction switch below the power switch.Shop-built 20” disc sander-feca97b2-c060-4e60-a803-445979ea763b.jpegShop-built 20” disc sander-3c3587b8-f00e-4888-aaf8-fa8a56459fa1.jpegShop-built 20” disc sander-de4fa1a0-baf5-4e7a-b188-d8968c0a0062.jpegShop-built 20” disc sander-a911bca3-09d6-47fa-b7a8-74006940cdb4.jpeg
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    Thanks Dan Larsen! We've added your Disc Sander to our Disc Sanders category,
    as well as to your builder page: Dan Larsen's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    OK whom is this mystery replacement parts vendor?

    By the way, that is one nice disc sander.

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