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Thread: Simple drill guide

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    Simple drill guide

    I bought a Miller Bobcat welder for real cheap at an auction because it had 3 broken head bolts and several other missing parts.
    To repair the broken bolts I first removed the head to have a look at possibly simply welding a washer and a nut on the to remove them. No such luck this meant I would have to drill them out.
    So I found a piece to steel tubing that fit very tightly in the holes of the head Actually it was tight enough to require tapping in place with a hammer the inside diameter was small enough that the drill bit I needed to use would almost drill out the entire body of the bolts leaving a thin shell and the threads.
    after drilling out the bolts all I had to do was use a small seal pick to break the remaining thread piece out
    the Guide served to hold the bit centered as well as a depth gauge for my drill Simple drill guide-dscf6552c.jpg Simple drill guide-dscf6809c.jpg Simple drill guide-dscf6810c.jpg Simple drill guide-dscf6811c.jpg Simple drill guide-dscf6812c.jpg
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    Thanks Frank S! We've added your Drill Guide to our Drilling and Drill Presses category,
    as well as to your builder page: Frank S's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Thanks for the heads up. I generally don't have much input on this electronic device. I do appreciate being able to observe other peoples accomplishments. Learning by observation has been my only education since my failed attempt at high school many years ago. I have been repairing/rebuilding automotive industry slugs for better than 45 years. I have managed to collect many pieces of engineering oddities in my short lifetime. Thank you again for your allowance of a simple mind to observe your vast accomplishments unfettered.

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    Frank S,
    This looks like a winner. I will try this technique next time when drilling free hand or on the drill press. Thank you,

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    Good one Frank, you don need no stinking EDM!

    Helps to have all kinds of scrap laying around, never know when it's going to save your bacon.

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