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Thread: since VW is in the news these days...

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    since VW is in the news these days...

    Thought I'd share this to the car guys on the board. In the last corner, he could've taken that GT3.

    VIDEO: Just an old Golf mk2 stalking a Porsche GT3 at 7m45BTG |

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    Cool video.

    The VW driver, for the most part an early apex-er, could've been quite a bit faster. At the moment, he's not effectively threshold braking (he's way too early and not nearly as aggressive on the brakes as he should be) and he doesn't appear to be trail braking into the corners at all. As a consequence of all that, he's not getting back on the gas early enough to maximize his corner exit speed.

    The Porsche guy is just being overly careful with his expensive toy. He should've (and could've!) run away and hid!


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    way too soft a shoe on that guy's foot stomp it stab em and stomp it if the rev gauge and the MPH meter are anywhere near the true indicators of his driving his foot is off the throttle way too early and for far too long in nearly every turn.
    Like Kbalch said not aggressive enough on his braking.
    Gas to go brake to whoa engines are for pulling not for slowing.

    And thinking about it the video reminds me of the way an arcade game looks. One or sometimes two principal characters with the rest of the vehicles just thrown in for visual effects.
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    Looks like maybe his turbo is a little too big. Its not making peak boost until after 5k rpm. Fun to watch with the pretend gauges.

    Ive always been more of a fan of the nissan camp. This driver can be fun to watch, pretty aggressive sometimes.

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