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Thread: Sine Plate

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    Thanks rossbotics! We've added your Sine Plate to our Machining category,
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    Thanks Doug : absolutely super work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rossbotics View Post
    Thanks Frank
    I been thinking about making boxes for all my tools I've made, Going to take your advise and make some

    Tool storage is always a problem. To cut down on nice wooden boxes and to make storage easier shoot for a common width and depth with a variable height. Boxes store much easier when they take up the same shelf space. To avoid wasted space group like things in one box. For example if you have any precision angle references store them in the same box as your sine plate. Alternatively store sine bars (is one ever enough) with the sine plate.

    I'm trying to remodel and clean up a basement to make it into a work shop in case you are wondering why I'm even thinking about this. One thing that has become obvious is that I have far less room than would be ideal. Part of the room problem is directly related to storage.

    On the other hand I barely have time to put up drywall so making a suite of boxes is out of the question at this time.

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