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Thread: Sink Bridge for waterstone sharpening system

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    Vardan Antonyan
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    tony_912's Tools

    Sink Bridge for waterstone sharpening system

    This project helps to build simple sink bridge for using as a base for Waterstone sharpening system. I love using sharp tools and for some time I was using Japanese Waterstones and I love it. The brand I use is the "King" and although I used much cheaper ones, I have yet to come across one that I can recommend. The problem I face while using this system is the mess that I have to clean afterwards. Another issue is to have a some kind of base that fixates the Waterstone position during sharpening. This project solves both issues and considering how easy it is, everyone should make one. The project is best build from Cedar.
    For more information and free plans visit Sink Bridge For Waterstone | Joy of Woodworking Hobby

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    Stark simplicity. A very good idea.

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