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Thread: Skid steer stuntman

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    Skid steer stuntman

    There's a guy from Arizona named Jake Hatch, and he's unusually skilled at operating a skid steer.

    Add in a Guinness World Record for "Longest wheelie by a skid loader", some social media buzz, and a video editing program with an abundance of '90s synthesizer music.

    Now he's the self-styled "Black Sheep Skid", coming to a county fair near you.

    Here's a monster truck rally-style aerial hype video of Black Sheep Skid performing at a rodeo:

    I was surprised to discover that this is the guy who performs in the TwentyTrucks kids' truck videos.

    On the jobsite, where you get to see these skills at work:

    Self-loading Bobcat GIF
    Excavator slicing tree GIF
    Swinging around on excavator bucket
    excavator prepares and serves hot dog
    Bucket loader bump GIF
    Scale model working heavy equipment
    baby excavator hatching in the wild
    wood excavator toy
    Self-loading excavator GIF
    Excavator playing goalie in giant soccer game GIF
    Excavator travels downhill

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    I've run skid-steer quite a bit, but all I can say is WOW that culvert trick is just amazing!

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