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Thread: Small fire extinguisher Sand blaster

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Bag View Post
    I hope I haven't missed something, but wouldn't it have been better to have the tank upside down to take advantage of rounded dome of the top to help funnel more sand flow into the blast tube?
    Yes, that might have worked a bit better, but that would mean you would have to remove the down air pipe each time before you can fill it with sand.

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    Especially with the fire extinguisher you would want to take advantage of the curve and flow out of the valve. For small parts the hand held gun blaster from HF co. works good. A siphon feed in an enclosed cabinet with an exhaust fan works fine.

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    Good work. I'm working on a small pressure pot of a slightly different design. I made one from a 24 oz paint ball CO2 tank and it works wonderfully. I have a 1/16" tungsten nozzle on it and I've used it with baking soda, aluminum oxide and fine crushed glass. It's good for small projects.

    But I'd also like a slightly larger one so I've been working toward making one out of a depleted 12" x 4" fire extinguisher. The problem I have encountered is that these fire extinguishers have unique openings at the top -- 11.5 tpi and about 1.2" diameter. I'm told they make them this way to make it hard for folks like be to repurpose the fire extinguishers. Unless I can find an easier solution I am going to have to mill a part on my lathe to thread into the top of the extinguisher and adapt it to standard fittings.

    When and if I get it finished, I'll post it here on HomeMadeTools.


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