First attempt with horns
I have to measure Ps and amp, at first sight power is maybe too much for my speaker (should be 2-3w now) but overall it can be good.
Power supply, with 120mF and a couple of 2mH air chokes is good, a very light noise only with ear close to horn, not annoying, but I'm thinking about adding some capacitance.
It's early maybe to give an opinion, but this amp is running really excellent immediately. It resembles a lot to my el84- ecl82 with custom made opt, there is fineness and pleasure, it's the first time I listen a mosfet amp sounding so good, I challenge anyone to recognize this amp from a good no.nfb tube. I tried also with onken speaker (98db sens), I havn't measured yet, but bass are as expected.
To be honest, I really like this monster! It's a bit impressive how much heat it can dissipate after an hour, I have to find a laser thermometer to check the temp, it's still possible to keep hand on the heatsink.
I'm thinking that for 10w version of this amp, it should be a rule to place resistors on a separate heatsink from mosfets, 8 and 1 ohm resistors heat up a lot!
I used my camera for some small video, unluckily the sound recorded is related to poor quality of mic.