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Thread: Squarness Comparator

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    Squarness Comparator

    I built this dedicated Squarness Comparator (squarness checker) to take the place of a surface gage that I normally would convert over to a squarness comparator for checking something after grinding, having a tool that is made for a certain application speeds up the machining process, no more fumbling around with a surface gage a hand full of yokes and a dial indicator, this tool is dedicated for this purpose and will never be altered.

    This tool will check the squarness of something from 1 ½” to 6” in height, the same height as my cylinder square, for those of you that don’t know what a cylinder square is, it is one of the masters of squares.

    The Comparator has a 7/8” thick cast iron base, a 7/8” round TG&P 303 Stainless steel column, an aluminum yoke with a brass thumb screw and a used but not abused .0005” graduated Federal dial indicator with .125”travel.

    The base has been fine ground on the bottom (will be lapped later on) with a milled out pocket to reduce friction on the surface plate, there is also a machined radius (not hand ground) on the nose of the base for rotating to find the high point with the dial indicator, the column has a 3/8” hexagonal hole broached in the upper end for tightening, I have included multiple photos of the machining and grinding processes it took to manufacture this tool.

    As always thanks for looking and happy machining.


    Squarness Comparator-1.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-2.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-3.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-4.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-5.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-6.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-7.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-8.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-9.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-10.jpg

    Squarness Comparator-11.jpg
    Comments are always welcome


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    Great work as always for this useful tool. I also learned something new with the term "TG&P" meaning "Turned, Ground and Polished" and found lots of metal suppliers for TG&P steels.

    Thank you,

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    Thanks rossbotics! We've added your Squareness Comparator to our Measuring and Marking category,
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