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Thread: stand off blocks

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    stand off blocks

    some tool create themselves
    I always use 1 inch tall stand offs or a block of wood when not using a vice on my drill press. the problem with wood is if what ever you are drilling is thick and requires the hole to be true perpendicular to the work-piece and drill all the way through wood is a poor choice. So we grab what ever metal we find to use as stand offs sometimes even some of our clamping blocks .
    While rummaging around the other day looking for something else I emptied out a 5 gallon can filled with lots of stuff. what I was looking for was not there but there were at least 50 hydraulic tubing clamps the type used on all heavy equipment. I picked up several of the same size to use as my stand off from now on. They make perfect blocks since they all share the same width length and height. also since they have a half round cut out this works well for close in work near the drill bit. and will give support in 2 directions around the hole while being drilled .
    stand off blocks-20170903_190656.jpg stand off blocks-20170903_190817.jpg
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