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Thread: Startrite Saw Rebuild

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    Startrite Saw Rebuild

    So I purchased this saw cheap in a government auction last year. Regular cleaning and maintenance had not been high on their list so when everything plugged up and the blade wore out, it was left in a corner to rust for many years. The main drive components were relatively free of wear but some small parts were missing like the top blade guard, handles etc. I will post a few pictures here. The rebuild went smoothly, I took my time, (still recovering from this past summers big projects) there are many posts on my site covering the complete rebuild.


    Startrite Saw Rebuild-startrite-2.jpg

    Startrite Saw Rebuild-startrite-1.jpg


    Startrite Saw Rebuild-startrite-108.jpg

    Startrite Saw Rebuild-startrite-109.jpg

    A couple of heavy cuts made to test the saw after the completed rebuild.

    Startrite Saw Rebuild-startrite-120.jpg

    Startrite Saw Rebuild-startrite-123.jpg

    Startrite Saw Rebuild-startrite-125.jpg

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