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Thread: Steel and Wood Storage Unit

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    Steel and Wood Storage Unit

    I already had the large 36" deep cabinet in the shop for wood panel storage. I could put the better part of a half sheet of plywood in there.
    But, I now have steel and aluminum plus some plastic and a bunch of cutoffs from walnut, oak, pine, poplar, etc.

    So a new organizer was in order. It was made from two 3/4" pieces of "pine plywood" from the home center store. At only $30.00 a sheet
    I thought it was reasonable. Much better than shop grade plywood.

    No glue for the main unit. Only 1 1/2 inch Number 12 construction screws. Five screws on each shelf. The sides and back were all rabbited
    and I do not think glue was necessary. No glue on such a monster makes assembly a bit easier.

    Now for the drawers...Two "Long Toms" and Four short "rail cars". The rail cars double stack on a single shelf so while it looks like only two
    drawers on each shelf there are four "rail cars" on one shelf. The "rail cars" are for short pieces of steel, brass, or aluminum.
    If I would have made them the full 32" long like the "Long Toms" I would not be able to lift them if they were full. This way I can pull all four out of the shelf and find the pieces I need without breaking me.

    The lower 3 drawers (white) are for more storage of wood and jigs.
    The lowest large drawer is on wheels and it if full of more stock.

    Never seem to have enough storage space.

    Cheers, JR
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Steel and Wood Storage Unit-img_1417a-copy.jpg   Steel and Wood Storage Unit-img_1418a-copy.jpg   Steel and Wood Storage Unit-img_1420a-copy.jpg   Steel and Wood Storage Unit-img_1421a-copy.jpg   Steel and Wood Storage Unit-img_1422a-copy.jpg  

    Steel and Wood Storage Unit-img_1423a-copy.jpg   Steel and Wood Storage Unit-img_1425a-copy.jpg   Steel and Wood Storage Unit-img_1426a-copy.jpg  

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    Thanks jjr2001! We've added your Storage Unit to our Storage and Organization category,
    as well as to your builder page: jjr2001's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Wow those are some fancy storage cabinets you got there good job Cap.

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    Thanks Captainleeward,
    They make working in the shop great again! There are several more for tool storage that I need to make.

    Cheers, JR

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