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Thread: STRONG Helping Hand

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    STRONG Helping Hand

    Always wanted one of these, but they were a little flimsy for what I needed it. Also wanted to be able to tack together some steel brackets.

    So after also needing a base for my NEW cell phone holder to take videos, I came up with my own helping hand.

    STRONG Helping Hand-3rd-hand.jpg

    Welded some 12mm ball bearing balls to 6mm rod, and made some wrists by drilling 5mm holes and countersinking them to march the balls. Then a 5mm screw and a wing nut and job done.

    STRONG Helping Hand-3rd-hand-balls.jpg

    The base is a piece of 100 x 50 channel iron, strong enough to be clamped in a vice.

    STRONG Helping Hand-3rd-hand-clips-2.jpg

    The clips can be unbolted from the arms to allow me to use some more substantial fixing methods for when I want to use it as a welding jig.

    STRONG Helping Hand-3rd-hand-clips.jpg

    The magnifying glass has a built in LED and is easily removable when welding so I do not destroy it with welding splatter.

    And most of it out of the Off-Cuts bin.

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