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Thread: Synthetic diamond factory - photo and video

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    Synthetic diamond factory - photo and video

    Photo of a synthetic diamond factory showing a number of HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) cubic presses.

    2:36 video of how synthetic diamonds are made:


    How to make a coin ring - GIF
    Making a coin ring - GIF

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    I'm wondering if the same thing couldn't be done by placing the pure carbon inside a soccer ball shaped charge of TNT then contain that in a thick enough mold shaped like the presses shown to contain a blast the heat would be tremendous as well as the pressure and a nice boom to go along with it LOl
    Remember Superman just used his hands hand and the heat from his x-ray vision to make a diamond for louis lane
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    There actually is a technology to produce synthetic diamond using explosives, though it doesn't give gems -- instead you get detonation nanodiamonds, which are great as a polishing compound.

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