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Thread: Tactile key identifier

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncollar View Post
    Love the bearing set in the key. I have done thing like Tony cutting edges and slots on side but never a ball bearing.
    I like it, way to go.
    It's not a ball bearing; it's a domed-head rivet. The rivet shaft gives the Loctite something to grab in the hole in the key.
    Regards, Marv

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    Well I love that even more.

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    It is sure good to live far enough out and in an area where the biggest crime of they year will be someone's farm implement accidentally knocked over a mail box
    most folks around my area just use screen door latches to lock up their houses and tell everyone that if you come over to visit and they are not home just go on in make yourselves at home they should be home sometime soon. If an individual from out of the area did happen to commit a crime the Local Sheriff may never hear about it since a lot of folks like me have their own backhoe, Varmint season is always open
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    Key Identification

    Quote Originally Posted by mklotz View Post
    My front and back door keys are mechanically identical (except for the pin lifters) so they were impossible to tell apart by feel. My solution was to drill a small hole in the body of one key and Loctite in a miniature rivet. Now I can locate the correct key without looking at them.

    The rivet is placed such that, if under the thumb on my dominant hand, the key is properly oriented to enter the lock.

    Obviously, the concept can be extended to multiple identical keys by using multiple rivets or rivets arranged in tactile-detectable patterns.
    On any property, I drill 3 mm holes. House locks (keyed alike), no holes. Workshop, 1 hole; boathouse, two holes.
    Inside house, for laundry/machine/utility room cupboards same arrangement. Cleaning help gets some of those.
    On the beach/dock, keys for boats, outboards, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, are on special lanyards, keys are numbered, and a list is kept.
    Fairly unwieldy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mklotz View Post
    The problem with that is that, should you lose a key, you need to rekey a lot of locks instead of just one. I rekey my front door every time my wife changes housekeepers which makes it less expensive than having it done professionally. Nevertheless, it's a PIA.

    No big deal, really. key all your locks alike and have the one set to your key and a second key (master and change key), and swap out cylinders when you let the help go. Takes all of five minutes, drop off the old cylinder and have the locksmith set it to a new change key. Costs all of $5-8, not much work all in all.
    I've only been a locksmith for 35 years, so what do I know?


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