Hi All

I have been wanting to get on with making my bead roller but thought I would do some maintenance and servicing of my Startrite bandsaw before I got too involved with that project as there were some niggly little things that need a bit of attention that were annoying me on the saw.

Which then resulted in not much progress on the bead roller and a frustrating week.

The first issue on the bandsaw, was the light wasn’t working I thought that will be an easy fix I will change the light bulb, still no light! So, checked the bulb all OK, but then lamp holder fell apart “ah” I thought to myself that must be the issue so, changed the holder replaced the bulb still no light! Check to see if I had a supply and to my surprise it was only 6V not 24V as I first thought, change the bulb for 6v bulb “yep” still no light. Checked the transformer 24v? Really getting frustrated that I could not get the bulb to glow then the penny dropped could it be the switch? Turned it to the ON position and there was a buzz from the meter turned it OFF still a buzz on the meter. I then think if the switch is broken and is permanently ON why is the light not working? So, removed the switch and on the bench tested again to my surprise it was in fact broken in the permanently open position? Changed the toggle switch and hay presto I finally saw the light .

Three issues sorry make that four, 1. bulb, 2. bulb holder, 3. switch, and 4. I am no electrician .

The next task was very simple the vanes in the air blower had sized so a quick strip down and clean and oil and that was back in business after about 45 minutes where the electrical fault I was chasing for three evenings.

Any way just a couple more thing to do on the bandsaw and she will be as good as new and can get on building the bead roller.
The Home Engineer