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Thread: Toe Jack

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    Toe Jack

    Hi All

    I am always rearranging my workshop to house new equipment or trying to make more space. I normally use prybars and blocks to lift the machines, to put them on rollers to move them. This is not the safest way for the machine or myself. I am also not getting any younger so decided to make a Toe Lift Jack.

    There are many articles on toe jacks and designs. I have seen many that I have liked and decided to base mine on a box section design. There are three factors that lead me to this decision: Firstly I had the material to hand and secondly it seemed there was little machining required to fabricate the Toe Lift, and thirdly Fabricating meant I can keep my hand in at welding.

    Thank you to all who have posted their designs and ideas for this very useful workshop tool/lifting aid.

    Toe Jack-img_1572.jpg
    Welded toe jack ready for painting.

    Toe Jack-img_1574.jpg
    Base plate and internal lift support.

    Toe Jack-img_1573.jpg
    Fabricated toe lift (photo showing toe lift upside down so the jack location ring which fits the hydraulic jack can be seen)

    Toe Jack-img_1575.jpg
    Commercially purchased 6ton hydraulic jack and salvaged tension springs from an old washing machine.

    Toe Jack-img_1576.jpgToe Jack-img_1577.jpgToe Jack-img_1578.jpg
    Completed toe jack

    Thank you for viewing
    The Home Engineer

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    Not getting any younger goes for all of us.

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