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Thread: Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection

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    Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection

    Between Desert Cottontail Rabbits, chipmunks, various birds, and what-have-you… the Tomatoes were disappearing last year just as they started to ripen.

    Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection | CTM Projects

    Decide to make a 'Tomato-Hot' to keep out the critters and used SolidWorks CAD software to make some concept renderings.

    Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection-tomato-hut-fab-1.jpg

    Cut & welded all the parts together in the Workshop and then bolted it together.

    Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection-welding_tomato-hut_frame.jpg

    To make it easier to remove the screens and pick tomatoes, I used a Dremel tool to grind out an area in the plastic to put very strong (but small) Neodymium Magnets inside the corner connectors.

    There was no need to glue the magnets, because once the corner connectors were pushed inside the Aluminum framing material, they were secure.

    Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection-magnets.jpg

    Used a piece of flat-bar steel with a center hole drilled in it, and a 1/4″ bolt, plus two ceramic magnets to create the side screen frame latches.

    Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection-side_magnet_latches.jpg

    The Upper Side Latches are similar to Side Latches with a piece of angle added.
    ( Still need to powder-coat the Upper Angle Latch pieces )

    Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection-upper_side_latches.jpg

    The hut has worked as intended ~ Handled a few heavy wind storms ~ No break-ins from the unruly Chipmunk & Bunny mobs ~ Harvested about 30 tomatoes so far this year.

    Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection-tomato-hut-front-door.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tomato Hut ~ Wild Chipmunk & Bunny Protection-tomatohut01.jpg  

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    Great work! Definitely something a craftsman would come up with.

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    Nice clean design and looks great in the garden. Not your typical ugly enclosure made from junk wood and old window screens.

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