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Thread: Tools by Elmer Verburg

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    Tools by Elmer Verburg

    Most of us are familiar with the plans for Elmer's engines at the John-Tom site...

    Elmers Engines Steam Engine Plans

    When you go there don't overlook the plans in the Appendix...

    Among them you'll find Elmer's beam compass.

    It has a conventional pivot fitted with a fine adjustment just like the expensive ones. What makes it special is Elmer's take on the pencil holder. This is a miniature V-block with an integral clamp. As such it will accept, naturally, pencils and pens. But, in addition, it will accept center punches (for laying out holes for chain drilling, etc.) and X-Acto knives for cutting out gaskets. The plans cover a connector and another bar to extend the range of the compass. I made these too but forgot to include them in the picture. With them the compass can scribe a 24" radius.

    Something else in the Appendix plans are Elmer's designs for various small instrument vises. Of similar overall design, they have differing jaw shapes to accommodate different tasks. I made this one...

    and fitted it with horizontal and vertical V-grooves and an arm with a stop for cutting pieces of small rod to equal sizes. Grasping it in the bench vise brings the work up close to aging eyes which makes intricate filing tasks a lot easier.
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    Thanks Marv! I've added your Beam Compass and Instrument Vise to, respectively, our Rulers, Protractors, and Compasses and Vises categories, as well as to your builder page: mklotz's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Very nice and yes many tools that he made to make his live better.

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