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Thread: Total In-Flight Simulator airplane - photo

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    Total In-Flight Simulator airplane - photo

    Conversion of a Convair C-131 Samaritan into a Total In-Flight Simulator. Those vertical wing fins are for generating side forces to simulate crosswinds. First flew in 1970, and now at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

    Fullsize image:


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    I don't care anything about flying in the simulator I want to fly the plane to make the guys in the simulator think they are in the vomit comet My uncle was a Class A electrician on the F111 project at Convair later renamed General Dynamics still latter Lockheed located at Carswell AFB in White Settlement A suburb of FT.Worth. from 156 through 1986. Us kids always looked forward to the yearly open house and air show there in the 60's ,when we would get to see all of the cool planes.
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    Quite the aircraft and impressive history. Interesting that the simulator cockpit doesn't have any pedals...Perhaps on the yoke?? Wonder if that big knob (just behind the center console) in the main crew cockpit is the wind diverter adjustment?

    Never made it to Wright Pat yet but it's on my bucket list! Thanks Jon.

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