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Thread: Trays in the workshop

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    Trays in the workshop

    Hint #1:

    Instead of placing a toolbox/chest of storage drawers directly on the workbench/shelf/roller cabinet top, put down two lengths of 2x4 and place the object on those. This creates an area under the object that can store flattish items. It's like getting an extra drawer for free. Putting sliding trays* in this space makes it even more drawer-like.

    Hint #2:

    We all allow "stuff" to accumulate on the workbench which we then need to move when we need to use the whole bench space. I solved this by covering that area of the bench with trays*. Now, when I need the space, it's easy to pick up the tray and its contents rather than having to handle each item separately. Of course, if you're one of those folks whose bench is always operating theater clean, feel free to ignore my idea. :-)

    *Sources for trays:

    Craft stores, eg Michaels, sell unfinished wooden trays that work well for lighter items
    Rectangular cake baking pans work well
    Cafeteria trays work well for larger spaces
    There are innumerable varieties of plastic kitchen drawer organizers sold
    If all else fails a sheet of plywood with a wood trim fence glued around the outer edge is easy to make
    Regards, Marv

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    I was lucky enough to find some trays in the bathroom section at Ikea which were exactly half the width of my drill drawer, so that now has two holding my drill bits. Unfortunately the particular item is no longer in stock.
    I've lots of old cigar boxes holding my work in progress projects, you can get them free at most cigar shops in the UK for a small charity donation.
    Andy from Workshopshed
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    Great tips, mklotz! I use those stackable storage bins myself, by threes, on my work table.

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    Nearly finished this workshop desk that I've left a run along the center 12mm deep, the center of that raises higher than either side of the bench. The whole center section lifts out to give access to the inside edge of both sides for clamping and stuff. The main idea is/was so things like float valves and dicky little screws roll into the bench instead of onto the floor. But it's a bit heavy at the moment to act like a tool box. But if I route stackable trays into the channels it will signifigantly lessen the weight... and make parts and things easier to relocate/locate. Thanks, I needed that idea.

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