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Thread: Triangular gib key.

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    Triangular gib key.

    This was an invention by a W. D. Urwick C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E. and an in depth article can be found at Impetus Metalmaster

    I thought this would be worth posting as don't think it is as well known as it ought to be and has a lot of advantages over the more traditional square key found on most machines.
    For a start wear is not a problem as it is self adjusting, it also maintains radial alignment on round column machines to a high degree of accuracy as well as a clamping function. Mr Urwick was in my opinion a genius who had his own way of thinking and doing things. (remind you of anyone we know?).
    The only difficulty I can see for the home workshop is machining the bore for the key, o/k in cast iron or alloy but steel would be more difficult but not impossible.
    Maybe worth thinking about at the design stage of anyone planning a build.

    Triangular gib key.-screen-shot-02-15-18-11.59-am.png

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    Thanks Olderdan that would be a cool little machine to have
    Triangular gib key.-img8.jpg
    Triangular gib key.-img0.jpg.
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    The Urwick machine is fully documented here.

    The Metal Master (Impetus) Machine Tool - Machines


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