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Thread: Twist drill spreading guard.

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    Twist drill coolant spreading guard.

    I have an option to use coolant in my magnetig drill when using cutters with mk3 collet.

    With regular twist drills this didn"t work.

    Because coolant comes inside the drill axle, and there was no hole's in the twist drill chuck or the chuck mounting adapter.

    Fixed that issue simply drilling holes trough both.

    But it happened that spinning twist drill spreads coolant to very large area.

    Fixed that with this 3d printed guard.

    It can be mounted to chuck, and also adjust the lenght of the guard.
    Much cleaner now, and now coolant hits to the right place both ways, drilling in horizontal or vertical positions.

    There's clips that holds the guard on its place.

    Twist drill spreading guard.-fb_img_1505970729469.jpg

    Twist drill spreading guard.-fb_img_1505970735015.jpg

    Twist drill spreading guard.-fb_img_1505970739124.jpg

    Prototype, but works.
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