airport crash tenders are probably the coolest vehicles about, I've spent all of my adult years on airfields maintaining light aircraft and am now based on a tiny grass strip in England's east midlands. our current response vehicle is a landrover deffender V8 with super wide flotation tyres to get over the ploughed fields pilots like to land in (video is a few years old) and here are a couple of shots of the Rangerover my boss purchased as a project, 6x4, GRP body over an ally tank and spectacularly leaky pump set up looks like something out of thunderbirds Two-headed fire truck - photo-11329764_10207224676321685_2020718636058774503_n.jpgTwo-headed fire truck - photo-11350615_10207224677801722_3715713495183890974_n.jpgTwo-headed fire truck - photo-11246847_10207224673481614_6804696550934397554_n.jpgTwo-headed fire truck - photo-11110882_10207224674641643_2604417258032457804_n.jpg we pulled it out of the field where it had been sat for 10 years, stuck some fuel and a battery in it and drove it 100 miles back home hitting the sirens every time we passed a pedestrian. I love my job.