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Thread: Ultra-tiny sanding disk

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    Ultra-tiny sanding disk

    In the old days Dremel sanding disks attached to a shaft using a central screw. The head of this screw prevented use of the central part of the disk. Later they switched to the EZ-lock system (shown on left in the photo) which attaches from the back and makes the whole disk available for use.

    The 1.25" diameter of the EZ-lock disks was a bit too large for me and so I made a 1" diameter disk (shown in the middle). When I bought Dremel's new 2050 model even the 1" disk seemed oversized so I made a 0.75" disk (shown on right).

    Today I ran into a sanding task that required something even smaller. Rather than turn a new disk, I took the easy way out. I found a nail with a diameter close enough to 0.125" to be grasped in the Dremel collet. Stuck some self-stick sand paper to the head and trimmed away the excess and now I've got a 0.3" sanding disk. Obviously only for very fine work but it worked well in my application.

    A few words about the Dremel 2050 (no, I don't work for them)...

    It's difficult, if not impossible to comfortably hold most Dremels the way you would hold a pencil. It's exactly this hold that provides the best fine motor control for work like lettering. Even my Foredom doesn't do what I want because of the drag of the flexible shaft that drives it.

    Dremel has long sold a pencil-like tool, the Micro, but it's bulkier because of the onboard batteries and then there's the battery life concern.

    What one wants is a tool mains-powered via an offboard voltage converter housed in the mains plug and connected to the tool via a thin, highly flexible cord. And that's exactly what the 2050 is.

    It's low-powered; you won't want to grind your welds or cut 1/4" steel with a grinding disk with it. But it's a real pleasure to use for fine work.
    Regards, Marv

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    Really like the way you nail those minatures.
    How much tolerance between nail dia and collet?

    Cheers & thanks for posting Marv.

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    Very Nice. You have a great substitute for producing an even smaller Dremel sanding disk. Nonetheless, I do like the newer EZ-lock system from Dremel tools for most general cut-off and sanding purposes. What are you working on requiring a much smaller disk?


    Paul Jones

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    Good idea, and if I can give you something from my own experience, the best abrasive discs I've found are those used by dentists to adjust the false teeth(about 20mm. In diameter), they are not made for Dremel but you can easily make a part like in the post to hold them, and the best is that they are not expensive…

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    I think Dremel should make 45 degree attachment, so you could use it more pencil like way.
    Micro was a little disappointment for me. It would be more usefull without that "safety turn off if wheel jumps or stucks" feature.
    Cutting is annoying when you must turn it back on again and again... Otherwise i like to use it. For my hand it fits nicely.

    Some brands make "roll lock" papers, i know 3M and Suhner. Dremel should use that way too.

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    Smallest size that i know for those, is 25mm dia.
    I could try to make smaller shaft for dremel,
    To see would those work. ( Has dremel enough power?)

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