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Thread: Using a bandsaw to cut wood screw threads

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    Using a bandsaw to cut wood screw threads

    This was an experiment I tried when faced with needing some bronze hanger bolts for a job when none in the size I needed were available. It was a bit hit and miss along the way but in the ends I got something that was quite serviceable.

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    Great work around, you can do the same thing with a power hck saw it takes a little longer if a 60 file is mounted instead of the blade then you can cut regular bolt threads. While in high school the coach was the shop teacher but he knew nothing about shop so I pretty much taught it for him I was a Junior and had been working in a blacksmith shop for a number of years by then. One of the projects was to make a power hack saw then I showed the guys how to mount a file in it and cut threads.
    Just like you did with the band saw

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