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Thread: Vice Stop from Reused Material

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    Vice Stop from Reused Material

    For a upcoming tool grinding rest project (not started yet) I bought two complete magnetic stands as they where cheaper than two magnetic bases that I actually need.

    What I also needed for my recently acquired screwless vise was a vise stop. The surplus bars from the magnetic stand were perfect for this. The 12 mm bar only needed a new 10mm thread in one end.

    Vice Stop from Reused Material-img_1891.jpg

    A thick mounting bracket of flat bar left over from my off-road vehicle suspension modification project was perfect for making the sliding clamp. Did the bracket “the easy way” as suggested by Toolmaker51 in an other thread a week ago.

    Vice Stop from Reused Material-img_1888.jpg

    The 4 mm thin end of the other 10 mm bar I made of a piece from a laundry cloth hanger and the clamp tightening knob is from one of the magnetic stand joints.

    Vice Stop from Reused Material-img_1889.jpg

    Everything of reused material at a cost of zero euros.
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    Thanks ruxu! We've added your Vise Stop to our Vises category,
    as well as to your builder page: ruxu's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Thanks ruxu for promoting little trick from my post. It's nice, knowing our contributions large or small reach and help others.

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