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Thread: Vintage fuel nozzles as design elements

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    Vintage fuel nozzles as design elements

    One of the more aesthetically valid petroliana trends to surface recently (that means I saw a bunch of them on Pinterest) is the use of a fuel nozzle in designing furniture and fixtures for garages. A healthy variety of nozzles are available on eBay and Etsy, from around $10-$100. It also looks like there are some deals to be had, because many of the for sale descriptions include wording like "I got this at a farm auction; not sure where it's from. $15."

    Two of the more common applications are as sink faucets and door handles.

    Some faucets. Beautiful with wheel/tire as sink. Extra credit for using the trigger as a soap dispenser. This could easily turn me into a compulsive hand washer.

    Some door handles. I wonder if these can be made such that depressing the trigger actuates the door handle mechanism.

    Some of the better lamps. Being used to make a lamp is almost a rite of passage for a previously-disregarded but interesting item. Like the idea of using the nozzle trigger to actuate the door handle above, here the trigger can be the light on/off switch.

    You have to be careful with the lamps; it's easy for them to come out gimmicky. People are trying to mimic the "dispensing from the nozzle" look, and, done incorrectly, it can make the lamp look slipshod and dangly:

    It's difficult to find applications beyond the fuel nozzle design triumvirate of faucet/handle/lamp. But here's a gem: a walking cane, for the distinguished and automotively-inclined gentleman.

    You'll need to carefully select the correct nozzle for this application, and might even have to alter it a bit to reduce weight. Small pocket tools can even be stored in the nozzle body, perhaps in a small caddy that's accessible when unscrewing the large hex bolt. Of course a bottle opener can be added with a minor modification. And, it can double as a fearsome set of brass knuckles to give a wallop to a youngun' who won't stop texting. How to use the trigger here? Modify it to dispense emergency spiritous beverages stored in the cane body.

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    Why wait for them to start texting? toasting the affair with personally dispensed spiritous libations.
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    Love it! Think I'll have to make a plan in my next house...

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    Nice Stuff , I have an old NOS Brass Nozle I think I'm going to put to good use. Thanks for the ideas.

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